Synopsis of Illmanic

It’s been four long years. But my fourth novel, Illmanic is finally here! This book is about Monte Jones, the Army veteran and his everyday struggles with mental illness. It covers his tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. With his mother trapped in a mental institution, he finds himself breaking down mentally as well. Though his life has turned upside down, he finds true love in the most unlikely of places. Pick up your copy of Illmanic by clicking on the link below.

Monte’s world has been turned upside down, inside out, and all around. While deployed to Afghanistan & Iraq, this Army veteran was blown up, shot at, and deceived by his high school sweetheart, Cyntoia. Now coping with PTSD and tremendous heartbreak, his mother and rock has been hospitalized to a psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with mental illness. As life deals him one bad hand after another, hope comes in the form of one special mental patient who shares a forgotten reality greater than anything the both of them could ever imagine. Pick up your copy of Illmanic by clicking on the link below.


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The reason I write can’t be put into words. I will say however, that there was a time when I could be persecuted for possessing such a skill—murdered for knowing this craft. And though art is a gift from The Creature, I would’ve been hung from a tree, swinging while southern whites whistled Dixie. “Anthony L. Kelly”


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