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Saving Miss Caroline is a coming-of-age story about the importance of family and true friendships, especially in the midst of trouble.  

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Welcome to a world of pure Magic!

Write Dis Way is an invite to a destination that challenges all tangible sources of lavish getaways. Enter at your own risk of being swept away to the farthest depths of your imagination. Go on dangerous adventures, fall in love, or be a child again by reading the pages and allowing superb writing to take you there.

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Anthony L. Kelly

He’s an author from Ridgeville S.C., who grew up in the small town of Dorchester. With four published books out, he’s been writing for over twenty years. 

The first book, Saving Miss Caroline, came out in March of 2015, since then it has sold over three thousand copies. Anthony is an U.S. Army veteran who served three honorable years as a Wheel Vehicle Repairer. After leaving the military he worked as a Defense Contractor for over twenty years. He now works as a Field Support Engineer in the medical industry. He’s lived in several countries during his combined time in the military and contracting. 

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