The Moment Has Come to Make Right What Has Gone so Terribly Wrong. Traveling aboard a three-hundred-million-year-old space vessel, five African American astronauts go back in time to rescue an enslaved family.

Through the bloodline of this particular lineage, there is to come a great leader who will bring down the world’s elite. But time is running out. There’s only a small window for which this can happen. Cali Lovejoy is the heart-broken-heroine that finds herself rebounding to the likes of Khalil King, the young weed smoking, Pharaoh. Through time travel, murder, outer-space battles with tentacled-wildebeest and fiery-space-birds—will the bloodline of a prophesied savior be preserved in order for the Messiah to come about? Or will the crew of A.S.H (Angelic Super-Humans), fall victim to the many pitfalls, unable to save all of humanity from a covert plague of universal hate?

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The reason I write can’t be put into words. I will say however, that there was a time when I could be persecuted for possessing such a skill—murdered for knowing this craft. And though art is a gift from The Creature, I would’ve been hung from a tree, swinging while southern whites whistled Dixie. “Anthony L. Kelly”

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