Jaja, touches on the mythology of a curse in the African American community. Metaphorically speaking, it explains how the curse came about, who it was placed upon and how it is broken.

Vanessa Walker is the main protagonist who experiences a gradual transformation by drinking water from a well at the back of a church that’d been built by freed slaves. Around this same period, an opening in time arises that will allow Vanessa to forever break the curse, but she has to do this before the Curse Manifest interferes. The Curse Manifest is the walking, talking, breathing, manifestation of the curse itself.

The opportunity for the breaking of the curse will never come about again, therefore Vanessa, along with her son Christopher and Ontario Banks, friend and love interest, must act fast to ensure that not only is the curse broken, but destroyed, and that the primary inhabitant of the curse, Ontario’s mother, Miss Barbara Ann, receives a spiritual cleansing before the next rising sun.
This story demonstrates the heroism of a single parent/outcast whose struggles include being shunned by church members, sexual abuse and being slandered for her assumed promiscuity by the town.
Vanessa is thrown to the wolf with little regard when she has a dramatic episode of shouting in church and passes out due to the euphoria that eventually peaks from drinking water from the well. No one raises an eyebrow when Randy Cooper the wolf one of several antagonists insists on taking her home during the ordeal.
Miss Gladys Elmore, Barbara Ann’s best friend, Christian, and co-antagonist is Vanessa’s number one critic who’s quick to spread the latest rumor; but little does the town know—it is Gladys who harbors the most disturbing secret.
From beginning to end Vanessa is tested time and time again on her quest to bring about the death of the Curse Manifest and a new wave of blessings for herself and bloodline that had been hexed for nearly two hundred years. It is her and Christopher along with Ontario who find themselves in a constant quagmire of bad luck until finally their overcast sky is blown away.
Jaja is an inspiring, easy-to-read, spiritual story that is best described as a mixture of Young Adult, Urban Fiction and Multicultural writing, but can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life.

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